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PLM Challenges and Solution for SMB Manufacturing Companies

PLM Challenges and Solution for SMB Manufacturing Companies

Small to Mid-size manufacturers are growing in today’s pulsating markets. They are taking advantage of manufacturing revitalization armed with a combination of product innovation and agility. But developing successful products today is complex business. It requires the followings:

  • Technical knowhow
  • Teamwork
  • Collaboration and coordination

Time-to-market and innovation are top challenges for manufacturers. SMB companies have to overcome this complexity to compete with larger competitors. They have to connect closely with customers and introduce new products quickly and efficiently to meet their needs. The same challenges repeatedly tend to wave SMB Manufacturing Companies like:

  • Meeting Time-to-Market goals is their top challenge. Given their time challenge, lack of innovation rates a close second. As companies struggle to merge IT with business, the difficulties of managing a complex IT environment is also a top challenge.
  • Improved Design Productivity and product data sharing are seen as the leading cures for these challenges. Data is so difficult to find that many start new designs from scratch rather than re-using existing knowledge.
  • Competitive Differentiators are difficult to come by. Time to market and quality generally are only at parity with the competition. Only 15 percent say they are ahead of competition.


Get up and running with product data management quickly, with a growth path to PLM

SMB manufacturers simply can’t afford that low level of productivity. PROLIM PLM helps to avoid time span of engineers easily to access, share information in real time across the departments and with supply chain management. Centralized information helps manufacturers catch mistakes early and gives executives the ability to see what’s going on.

PROLIM Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software can help to drive better product development performance by managing product-related data, processes, and projects. While smaller companies may be able to control, access, and share product data with relatively simple Product Data Management (PDM) tools, larger manufacturers rely on full featured PLM systems that help automate processes and share data across global supply chains.

Why should to SMB companies to implement Siemens Rapid Start solution?

It’s high time for SMB manufacturing companies to start implement PLM solutions to improve the followings:

  • Processes
  • Productivity
  • Profit
  • ROI
  • Complexity with lean methodology

Siemens Teamcenter Rapid Start delivers the world’s most widely implemented product data management (PDM) solution. By selecting Teamcenter Rapid Start’s preconfigured capabilities, you can minimize the costs, deployment, time-to-market and get started with PDM quickly.

Benefits Teamcenter Rapid Start solutions for SMB manufacturing companies 

  • Simple and fast to install, set up and deploy
  • Essential PDM capabilities available immediately
  • Minimal IT expertise to operate and support
  • Realize benefits quickly for a fast return-on-investment
  • Start with PDM and grow to PLM

Teamcenter Rapid Start gives you all the robust PDM capabilities of Teamcenter, plus the flexibility to grow into additional Teamcenter product lifecycle management (PLM) capabilities when you are ready. You can realize the immediate benefits of PDM with confidence that you have a growth path to PLM.

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