PLM-Driven Content Management


The pressure on the volume and customization of product documentation as well as the time allowed to write and publish this documentation has been intensified by platform-based product design and global markets. Teamcenter tackles the need for high quality, through content management on target documentation. Allowing writers to produce documentation as interchangeable parts, handling translations, and configuring multi-use publishing documents helps businesses to generate excellent product documentation easily, correctly and in-sync with product creation, whether part catalogs, service documentation, or instruction manuals.

What you get from this white paper

Teamcenter content management capabilities address issues associated with traditional technical publication processes:

  • Take too much time
  • Might not redirect the latest engineering changes
  • Inhibit extensive re-use of content and graphics
  • Require heroic efforts to meet document delivery and product ship dates
  • Fail to meet multiple language requirements
  • Fail to publish timely content in all required delivery formats

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