PLM-Driven S1000D

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Large-scale, complex systems such as aircraft and military systems, platforms and infrastructures require multiple engineering, manufacturing and support teams to plan, develop, document, maintain and support their delivery. Teamcenter Content Management S1000D extends S1000D by improving the ability of aerospace and defense contractors to perform content management, content editing/updating, metadata management, document management, graphics management and document translation in the context of PLM and the product data.

What you get from this white paper

Besides managing the relationships between parts, their technical data, and the S1000D documentation that supports them, Teamcenter enables product teams to implement other automated processes, including:

  • Automated change impact notification (based on where used queries)
  • Automated metadata entry into DM content (based on the relationships between a DM and the product structure)
  • Rapid documentation of product variants (configuration driven document builds)
  • Incorporation of other engineering source data, including manufacturing processing instructions and logistics support analysis

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