PLM Solutions: The Ticket to Smart flying

PLM Solutions: The Ticket to Smart flying

The aerospace industry has been witnessing interminable growth within the last decade and is expected to flourish further within the foreseeable future. The principle issue facing this industry as of today, regardless of it being a commercial aircraft program or space exploration or possibly even a government contract, is to deliver as seamless a product which science and technology together could possibly bring out, catering effortlessly to all the technical, functional and performance requirements being affordable and on schedule. This indeed is a tall ask especially from the perspectives of the OEMs and their suppliers to continuously remodel their supply chains in order to increase their total productivity and also maintaining a dynamic and virtual work force.

PROLIM, the one-stop destination for PLM Solutions has the following on offer in order to mitigate the scenario as described above:

  • Fully incorporate the technical aspects, performance and cost along with the schedule requirements into a holistic work pack with complete traceability to customer demands all through the lifecycle, i.e. right from the conceptual stage to retirement.
  • Plan as well as implement the plan with complete configuration management of BOM, CAD designs and documents including the program management artifacts.
  • Seamlessly and securely collaborate and contribute to the existing knowledge base and share best practices across the total value chain.
  • Have a unique master single source of truth of consolidated data with 3D images which are used to define most complex aerospace platforms of today and integrate a virtual global network of developers, designers, production specialists, manufacturing engineers and service/support teams.

PROLIM does offer the most secured and reliable PLM solutions by:

  • Defining PLM solution with seamless collaboration across the entire supply-chain by harnessing on a single product source and process.
  • Developing and managing multiple BOM variants and simultaneously optimizing reuse with the help of templates, morphing techniques and a holistic knowledge management system.
  • Building the product right the first time by initially designing and then validating multi-disciplinary data, i.e. from structure to engine and system – within a single digital mockup.
  • Continually enhancing innovation and thereby guaranteeing complete technical feasibility by incorporating ideas coming from suppliers for example and then going on to merge the right concept.
  • Optimizing the design, operational, and maintenance processes in order to improve its customer experiences and thereby in effect reduce the cost of ownership.

What would your optimal PLM solution for the Aerospace industry be! Would you prefer toeing PROLIM’s approach or have any other ideas! Share now…

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