PLM Implementation Increases Efficiency and Flexibility

The medical industry is compliance-heavy. For one company that designs and manufactures packaging and production systems for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries, compliance means filling out specification requirements, providing traceable and documented evidence that all equipment has been manufactured in accordance with design documents, having valid specifications, and more.

This doesn’t even cover the complexity of customized design that customers often require. Customization has risen in recent years with the implementation of mechatronics.

This company is a market leader in manufacturing solutions for ampoules, bottles, vials, syringes and cartridges. To maintain that status, they need to be able to customize their products for customers.

How did they achieve customer-specific solutions with time-to-market pressures? PLM implementation.

Teamcenter: A Single Source of Information

The company’s consultation, sales, production, assembly, service and R&D is performed at a single location. There, many different project participants need access to up-to-date information for managing processes.

In order to manage processes from requirements engineering to design to production, the company decided to implement Teamcenter.

Teamcenter enables the managing and sharing of all product design data and most importantly, eases the creation and management of documentation throughout the company. Complete BOMs are administered by the Teamcenter-based solution.

And, since the company has used several different CAD systems in parallel, they also needed a multi-CAD environment that can manage various data formats. Teamcenter offers that multi-CAD solution.

NX: 3D Design for Increased Complexity

With time pressures and increased complexity, 2D design was insufficient. The company also decided to implement NX as a 3D solution.

NX provides the necessary sectional views that a 2D design program cannot, leading to fewer problems. If there are issues, they can be resolved earlier in the design cycle.

In addition, digital mockups can be created with NX at every stage of development to examine engineering quality. This improved the assembly process. It also gave assembly personnel direct access to 3D data.

The integration of NX and Teamcenter simplifies information sharing in sophisticated processes, such as multi-bodied simulations and geometry optimization. With more precise and detailed CAD models and more efficient communication, processes are more streamlined.

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