PROLIM provides intensive industry-focused training in PLM tools and engineering competitiveness specifically aligned to the manufacturing and engineering services industries. Manufacturing companies are increasingly looking at software solutions like CAD, CAM, CAE and PLM to address the challenge of turning more ideas into successful products, in turn increasing the demand for skilled resources. Manufacturing industry is also faced with manpower changes thereby increasing the need of training to manage this change. So PROLIM has come with the solution of providing professional training on Teamcenter technologies which includes:

  • User Interface Training
  • Administration training
  • PLM training
  • Customized PLM training

PROLIM PLM testing training program helps you to understand Teamcenter functionalities and administration along with software testing methodologies which help you to become successful Teamcenter Testing Professional.

PROLIM is a partner with the best engineering, design, PLM, manufacturing, and enterprise software companies in the world. These relationships form the basis for the training services we provide to businesses across the globe. We offer Better flexibility to choose the best CAD Training for you, we offer several different methods that can be combined to suit every client’s needs and requirements.

Our experienced instructors will help you get trained right the first time. As an integrated solutions leader, Tata Technologies believes that blended learning is the next evolution in retaining newly developed skills and increasing productivity. From assessment testing, essential classes, to advanced training and onsite implementation services, Tata Technologies utilizes real-world examples to ensure each program offers maximum return on this important investment.

Our educators are all certified in their respective competencies and as working professionals ensure that businesses quickly master real-world techniques and methodologies to inspire on-the-job excellence.

At PROLIM, we offers a specialist software quality and testing service for Siemens Teamcenter product lifecycle management (PLM) deployments in the manufacturing, automobile and Automotive and CPG sectors. Through our global testing partnership with Siemens PLM, we deliver affordable, reliable testing via a proven and reusable test automation framework. PROLIM understand that Testing PLM software can be complex, costly and time-consuming, particularly when integrating with CAD and ERP systems. Any downtime can have a major impact on product delivery. Our automation framework for functional and performance testing minimizes the risks of costly failures in production.

PLM Testing Programme Benefits –

  • Timely go-live – Smart quality solutions
  • Strong track record in quality assurance – Rely on a professional partner delivering your projects on time and in quality as we understand PLM testing.
  • Automated testing process with expert PLM testing team.
  • Flexible business models
  • Cost reduction and predictable budgets
  • Early identification of errors