Diaspora Data Migration

Designed to work with multiple source and target systems

Diaspora Cloud-Based Data Migration

PROLIM Diaspora 2.0 – The Cloud-Based Data Migration Platform as a Solutions approach to provide a solution at top speed that reduces cost, risk and time. PROLIM has developed an in-house, standardized, Consistent, Reusable platform called “Diaspora” that takes care of all your data migration essentials. Email us for info@prolim.com

Diaspora Data Migration Features

  • Designed to work with multiple source and target systems
  • Reusable components that reduce development cycles leading to reduced cost, shorter time to market and improved ROI
  • Multiple levels of profile reporting capability for evaluating and identifying the content and structure of source data
  • Complex product mappings and rules framework for product and field mapping
  • Real–time synchronization capability to support real-time data integration and continuous data availability
  • The ability to process/migrate large volumes of data at ease
  • Customized reporting capability during execution on various aspects such as transformation rules report, fallout

Rule Engine for Data Migration

  • Reusability – Once the rules are created and tested in one setting, they can easily be used in similar environments, thereby reducing the dependency on software development teams for creating rule engines for every process.
  • Flexibility – Users can create, modify, deactivate and execute new rules based on the requirement. Keeping the basic rules in a Knowledgebase helps you adapt to changes.
  • Easier to Understand – With Rules in place it is easy to understand the procedural code ensuring reduced time for release cycle and deployment efforts to code new rules. This can bridge the gap between the analyst and developers.
  • Reduced Complexity – With a consistent representation of business rules, you can capture all data validation points reducing complexity,
  • Reduced Time-to-Release Cycles – Ensures reduced release cycle and deployment efforts to code new rules.
Once developed and tested in one setting, the diaspora rules can be easily used in similar environments

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