NX CAD - Siemens NX for Design Software

NX CAD (formerly Unigraphics) is a robust 3D solution that provides fast and realistic concept design and modeling. Superior in power and flexibility, NX CAD design tools are a breakthrough in the industry, setting new standards for speed performance and ease of use. Product design is about innovation.

Reduce Time with Maximum Efficiency

NX CAD is an integrated solution that helps you develop innovative new products. With leading-edge design tools and technologies, NX streamlines and accelerates the product development process.

NX for Design

With NX for Design, you can deliver products "right to market, first time" by using more virtual product models and fewer, more expensive physical prototypes.


NX CAD Complete Product Development Portfolio

NX for Design, the most robust, adaptable, and cutting-edge product development system in the market, provides the features, performance, and capabilities to support you in bringing products to market more quickly than before.

NX CAD Training

We can help your new hires get familiar with the software, teach your professionals advanced techniques, and offer specially-design courses to fit your needs.

Featured NX CAD Resources

Save time and cost by Optimizing Turning and Mill-Turn-Turn-Mill part production

The NX CAD Difference

Advanced Design for Smarter Decisions

Working with other CAD system data

With synchronous technology, you can directly use models created with other CAD systems. You can import and modify geometry from any source with speed.

Design complex products with ease

Use NX assembly design tools for the most complex assemblies: thousands of parts. Also create full multi-CAD digital mockups to quickly identify issues and resolve problems.

Be Fast, Flexible & Efficient

NX design tools are superior in power, versatility, and productivity. Work faster and more efficiently in the full range of design tasks, from 2D layout through 3D modeling, assembly design, drafting, and documentation.

Reduce development time: +30%

With NX CAD breakthrough technologies, efficient interaction and streamlined workflows, NX design tools help you accomplish design tasks much more quickly than with other CAD systems.

Manufacturing companies today are driven by increasing pressure to develop more innovative products in a shorter time frame than ever before. The first step in rethinking the business model surrounding product development is to transform the design process. Using NX CAD for 3D design, you can improve your overall performance

NX CAD for 3D design can improve your overall performance
  • Less re-design, fewer errors, and better quality
  • Evaluate design quality, projected cost, and manufacturability before physical prototyping
  • Capture knowledge and automation tools
  • Powerful 3D design capabilities including: Wireframe, surface, solid, and direct modeling
  • Freeform shape modeling, surface continuity, analysis, simulation, and visualization tools
  • Integration with other applications for simulation, tooling, and machining
  • Create quality and accurate rendered images faster and easier

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