Automation Design

A new degree of multidisciplinary collaboration to increase engineering productivity.

Automation Design

The products allow for the holistic engineering of manufacturing systems, from mechanical concept to complete PLC code. Discover a whole new level of collaboration with a toolset that enables a full machine and plant design workflow, delivering the highest level of design quality in the shortest amount of time. Automation Designer provides a one-of-a-kind engineering toolkit that was created from the ground up to help controls engineers complete their work with the highest efficiency, quality, and speed possible.

Electrical and automation engineers collaborate on the same backbone, using the same data model, which saves time and eliminates errors. Improve collaboration throughout your organization by directly integrating mechanical engineering data and receiving updates. By combining mechatronic models of existing designs with rule-based engineering to eliminate non-value-added work, our integrated system improves the quality of engineering results while increasing efficiency. This, combined with our NX virtual commissioning capabilities, speeds up the entire process from concept to reality.

Our integrated system improves the quality of engineering results. See the capabilities below.

Automation Design

Siemens TIA Portal libraries and data can be directly integrated into Automation Designer. As a result, automation design can be expedited.

  • Manage TIA Portal data directly
  • Integrate and reuse TIA Portal global libraries
  • Export HW to TIA Portal directly from the electrical design
  • Powerful rules-based PLC code creation and dynamization
  • Code-less import/export of software and hardware to TIA Portal

The export of hardware and signal information from the finished electrical design is useful to users of Siemens PLCs as well as other brands.

Automation Designer
NX CAD Electrical Design

Electrical Design

Electrical system design to activate the machine or line is the primary responsibility of an electrical engineer. The electrical engineer can finish the design of the electrical system and the automation design at the same time using Automation Designer, EPLAN, or the NX Electrical Design Add-on.

  • Define electrical infrastructure and catalog parts
  • Define PLC Configuration
  • Create electrical schematics
  • Create 3D cabinet designs
  • Create manufacturing documents

Functional Engineering

With model-based defining of functionalities in Automation Designer, functional, mechatronic design has a new meaning.

  • Define a function, location and product structures
  • Create relationships between objects
  • Reuse and combine data between objects to automate design processes
NX CAD Functional Engineering

Integrated Data Model

Project bottlenecks, slowdowns, and wasted time are brought on by manual data transfer and double-work. Automation Designer provides combined engineering workflows that finish the work of many disciplines at once thanks to a fully integrated electrical and automation data model. As a result, efficiency is improved and double effort with no added value is eliminated.

Mechanical Design Integration

Utilize a shared data backbone to immediately include mechanical designs into your work.

  • Quickly identify electrical/automation relevant components
  • 2-click addition of electrical and automation data
  • Perform effective change management with simple, integrated workflows
NX CAD Mechanical Design Integration
NX CAD Mechatronic Templates

Mechatronic Templates

The pace at which new designs are produced has increased because to the standardisation of engineering designs within specific disciplines, however this progress has only been slight. Mechatronic templates provide for a new degree of standardisation, which drastically lowers engineering work and upholds unmatched consistency throughout the whole design. It makes library items that integrate design information from several disciplines possible.

Multidisciplinary Collaboration

The most challenging and expensive problem now facing machine and line builders is cross-disciplinary collaboration. Automation Designer solves this problem by making it possible for mechanical, electrical, and automation designers to review, discuss, and work together on the same design at the same time. By removing obstacles from the design process, this improves team collaboration and project execution.

NX CAD Multidisciplinary Collaboration
NX CAD Rule-based Engineering

Rule-based Engineering

Errors resulting from repetitive, non-value-added tasks frequently affect the quality of engineering designs. Your design rules can automate these processes, including the definition of reference designations and symbolic names as well as the generation of software or schematics. This helps engineers make fewer mistakes and provides them more time to concentrate on producing value and fostering innovation.

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