Aerospace, automotive, electronics, industrial, and medical device industries all depend on the integration of mechanical, electronic, and electrical components in electromechanical products. It is a challenge for these manufacturers to adapt their development procedures to concurrent design and systems engineering techniques that encourage cooperation across various disciplines.

Delivering innovative, high-quality products on schedule and within budget requires real-time information sharing between electrical, mechanical, and control systems designers. Every stage of electromechanical design is addressed by NX’s unified approach.

Mechanical – Electrical Design is made up of powerful features that allow you to build a custom solution. Read more about these features below.

Data Exchange Accelerates Design, Reduces Errors

NX synchronises and synchronises your mechanical and electrical design teams with PCB Exchange. Engineering data can be easily shared, tracked, and managed to improve collaboration. You may speed up design and lower errors by cutting down on the time spent tracking, converting, and re-entering information.

Two-way transfer of PCB data

You can return to NX after designing the printed circuit board in the ECAD system and automatically generate a precise 3D assembly model of the board for use in the mechanical design. You may use PCB Exchange to automatically compare board variants and update the board model as the design develops. Communication between disciplines is streamlined by detailed reporting of the design changes.

Integration with Electrical Design Tools

Major PCB design systems are interfaced with by NX PCB Exchange using both generic interchange formats and vendor-specific data exchange formats. You may quickly transfer board outlines, keep-in and keep-out zones, and other data to the PCB design system for board layout using NX Flexible Printed Circuit Design to develop rigid or flexible PCBs in the context of an assembly model.

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