Design Validation

Analyzing and validating products before 3D design.

To monitor progress, control risks, address repercussions, and ultimately make hundreds of decisions, you rely on the most recent business data. We can assist you in reducing errors and rework while also ensuring the quality of your products.

Our products offer visual product analytics and validation tools that let you quickly synthesise data, verify that designs adhere to specifications, and reach choices.

Powerful capabilities in Design Validation enable you to create a unique solution. Read more about these features below.

Design & Requirements Validation

NX provides automated design validation software tools that automatically and continually check your designs for compliance with standards and requirements. It also adds crucial product, business, and programme information to 3D design.

Design for Manufacturing

Engineering change orders (ECOs), manufacturing faults, prices, and delays can all be considerably decreased with the use of design for manufacturing. You can uncover design concerns that are difficult, expensive, or impossible to make with the aid of high-definition 3D tools provided by DFMPro for NX, which automates and formalizes the design review process for manufacturability.

Visual Reporting

NX offers high-definition 3D (HD3D) visual reporting to assist you in quickly gathering product information and visualising its impact within the context of the 3D design. NX’s visual presentation of product analytics enables you to make clear judgments, rapidly and accurately evaluate data, and synthesise data for enhanced decision-making.

Animations in Designs

If you manufacture items with moving parts, it’s likely that you want to watch them in motion and require knowledge about kinematic characteristics like displacements, velocities, accelerations, and even collisions. For analysing the kinematic behaviour of designs, NX software provides a quick and simple motion analysis tool. This user-friendly motion application speeds up the creation of realistic digital mockups so that users may devote more time to designing by assisting engineers in the creation of kinematic studies early in the design process.

Design Simulation for Performance Validation

Simulation is evolving from a purely functional performance validation tool to a natural component of concept and design development. Simulation is speeding up the time it takes to deliver a design, which means shorter time to market, while also assisting designers in developing stronger, more robust designs early in the development process.

You can swiftly compare design options and optimise performance characteristics from the very beginning of the design process with NX’s design-integrated motion, structural, and thermal simulation tools.

Molded Part Validation & Injection Molding Simulation

To analyse the moldability of plastic items, NX provides a number of tools. These tools for mould flow analysis and validation are fully integrated with NX design features and are aimed at designers in the early phases of product development.

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