Validation checking is crucial for ensuring product quality, standard compliance, requirement fulfillment, error elimination, reducing warranty costs, and designing for performance and manufacturability. NX provides you with software solutions for automated design validation that automatically and continuously check your designs for compliance with standards and requirements.

Plans and Requirements Powerful capabilities in validation enable you to create a unique solution. Read more about these features below.

Automated Design Validation Software

Design verification is automated using NX Check-Mate, turning validation into an ongoing, proactive process as opposed to an afterthought.

It has a sizable library with hundreds of standard checks for modeling, drawing, PMI, geometry, routing, welding, and other applications. You are able to develop your own unique checking functions using an authoring tool.

When designs don’t meet standards, best practices, or crucial functional and engineering criteria, design validation alerts you right away and is continuous and automatic.

Integrated Requirements Validation

Systems engineering is supported by NX Requirements Validation’s automated checking tools. In conjunction with Teamcenter, you can assign requirements to product subsystems and validate products as you design to ensure they comply with requirements. NX Requirements Validation encourages a shared understanding of goals and the degree to which goods succeed in achieving them.

Visually Rich Feedback

Check-Mate and Conditions for NX High-definition 3D (HD3D) technology is used in validation to give visually rich feedback.

You may readily detect design errors with HD3D features like flow lists, visual tags, tool tips, and see-through display modes and swiftly fix them.

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