NX Freeform Shape Modeling Boat demo

NX includes a comprehensive set of freeform design tools that can be used in all phases of product development, from concept to manufacturing. The freeform design tools allow you to create solid models with loft, sweep, and mesh techniques, as well as surface trimming and extension, surface transitions, and advanced filleting.

Freeform Shape Modeling is made up of powerful features that allow you to build a custom solution. Read more about these features below.

Advanced Shape Analysis

Using NX’s real-time analysis functions, you can assess the analytical and visual quality of complex shapes. The real-time graphical displays help to speed up evaluation and guide changes to improve shape quality.

Class A

The advanced toolset expands the freeform toolset to include synchronous sculpting of surfaces and solids using a unique history-based class A method. We provide pole manipulation and surface alignment tools for exterior and interior Class-A surfaces, as well as full control and real-time surface quality analysis.

NX 2D Design Advanced Shape Analysis
NX hybrid modeling

Hybrid Modeling

You can create freeform designs with NX hybrid modeling by combining modeling techniques from a diverse toolkit.

  • Quickly create conceptual layouts from raster images or CAD sketches by extruding, lofting, rotating, and extending the geometry with curves and sections.
  • Create curve mesh surfaces.
  • To create details, use parametric, feature-based design tools that include advanced features such as styled blends.
  • Faces can be edited using synchronous freeform modeling, solids can be sculpted by moving iso-parameter curves and poles with push-and-pull ease.

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