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Knowledge Reuse

Increase productivity while lowering costs by reusing designs.

Knowledge reuse is a recycling process

Product development programs are under pressure to reduce design cycles, lower development costs, boost productivity, and improve product quality. Leading companies actively pursue these goals by implementing reuse strategies. Our comprehensive knowledge reuse solutions support these strategies, allowing your company to accelerate product design while reducing costs. Our solutions help you leverage your product knowledge repeatedly, maximizing its value.

By facilitating knowledge reuse, you can achieve higher cost-cutting targets and shorter time-to-market deadlines.

3D Search Engine

The Geolus Shape Search engine is fully integrated with NX and quickly discovers components comparable to a given an example based on its geometry. Users can find all potential pieces using a search by shape, regardless of how they are labeled. Frequently, the part you need has a name that you are unfamiliar with. Earlier in the design cycle, coarse parts can be used to locate released parts that can be used as-is or modified to suit. This keeps company habits alive, such as hole grouping or plate thickness, and is always faster than beginning from scratch. Results from the Shape Search are displayed immediately. The Geolus Shape Search integration lowers the cost of component development for your business and promotes best practices to stop part proliferation.

Automation Designer
NX CAD Electrical Design

Engineering Calculations

Many engineering designs start with simple calculations, sometimes sizing a design for strength or durability or calculating performance goals for a design. Potentially, these calculations take place before any CAD geometry is developed. Alternately, during 3D modeling, some design parameters may be controlled by engineering calculations. NX Maple is a useful tool for these two situations. Algebraic mathematics, differential and integral calculus, differential equations, and linear algebra are all supported by NX Maple. NX and NX Maple can readily exchange variables, either to associatively link a design with its driving calculations or to extract attributes from the NX model for use in additional computations in NX Maple. In either case, Teamcenter can continue to manage the intellectual property specified by NX Maple spreadsheets.

NX Reuse Library

NX provides an extensible library of knowledge for reuse at your fingertips, including reusable designs, standard parts, design features, symbols, 2D sections, profiles, curves, shapes, and product templates. It also gives you a common repository for finding reusable knowledge on an enterprise basis. You can easily find what you need and add the item to your design by dragging it there. The Re-Use Library’s product templates allow you to automate much more than just design modeling. By merging product and manufacturing data, drawings, motion analysis, structural modeling, and validation checking into templates, engineering processes can be automated and standardized.

NX CAD Functional Engineering

Customization and Programming

NX programming and customization software tools enable you to extend and tailor solution capabilities to your specific needs while preserving critical knowledge and design intent from the design process through analysis and manufacturing processes. With these knowledge-driven automation capabilities, which can be used by product development personnel and application developers, your company can capture, reuse, and consistently apply best practices across product lines.

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