Modeling Technology Platform

Deliver higher quality and more innovative products at a reduced price. With NX, you can interchangeably employ the most effective modelling techniques, including facet-based modelling, explicit solid and surface modelling, parametric and direct modelling, and more.

The Modeling Technology Platform is made up of strong features that let you create a unique solution. Read more about these features below.

NX Render - The Visual Twin

Users of NX have access to a variety of visualization modes that can be used to show a suitable Visual Twin of their data as it travels down the Digital Thread while fully associating with their workflow. To achieve an ideal balance between speed, quality, and performance, users can quickly switch between different visualization modes by clicking a button.

The Visual Twin of NX Render
NX users can inspect their creations in virtual reality at a human scale.

NX Virtual Reality

Users using NX Virtual Reality can examine their designs at a human scale, allowing for up-close and intimate interaction with full-size models. With just one click, the desktop application can be accessed with NX Virtual Reality, extending common interactions into a wholly immersive 3D experience. Secure, multi-user sessions enable cooperation among many different important stakeholders, improving design comprehension and communication throughout the product development process.

Adaptive User Interface

NX offers a professional personal assistant that monitors and picks up on user actions using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Using the context of what the user is now doing, it then anticipates the NX commands the user will probably use next and displays those commands on a small adaptable UI panel. For instance, if you’re working with sheet metal, it is aware that a specific set of commands is being utilized, as well as when designing tools or castings. It then starts presenting you with commands that it anticipates you will use next. In fact, it is aware that there is a series.

Adaptive User Interface
Convergent Modeling

Convergent Modeling

Anyone can execute faceted-based modelling using NX’s convergent modelling technology without the need for data conversion. NX does away with the necessity for reverse engineering by merging facet, surface, and solid modelling in a single integrated environment. Model the results of topology optimization directly. Convergent modelling is ten times faster than conventional modelling methods.

Equation-driven Modeling

Equations can be used to define some functional surfaces and solids most simply. Any geometry for which you can define the math serves as a functional example, such as optical surfaces, cam profiles, airfoil geometry, and many others. Equation-driven geometry can be created utilizing NX Maple’s powerful 3D plotting tools and then using convergent modeling, it can be associatively incorporated into NX designs for further refinement. Calculus, including differential and integral, linear algebra, differential equations, and much more, are all topics that NX Maple handles with ease. NX Maple will produce equation-driven geometry, but you will have the final say over its resolution or smoothness. And it is simple to continue managing the intellectual property defined by NX Maple worksheets inside Teamcenter.

Equation-driven Modeling
NX Token licensing

NX Tokens – Value Based Licensing

Customers can run virtually any NX Product Engineering add-on module using NX Token licensing, which offers a very flexible and economical method. Customers who occasionally run a wide range of apps benefit from significant cost savings as a result.

  • With tokens, you have access to (check-in/check-out) over 50 different NX applications currently in the token pool.
  • As new add-on products are added to the pool, you will be able to use them without additional effort with your internal purchasing team.
  • Each NX application in the token pool consumes a defined number of tokens when in use.

Synchronous Technology

NX makes modelling incredibly quick and simple, giving you the freedom to change 3D geometry without having to comprehend how models were made using straightforward push-and-pull techniques. Synchronous modelling can be applied to geometry from any source, including geometry from NX models, for greater flexibility than any other CAD modelling tool.

Synchronous Technology
Generative Engineering

Topology Optimization and Generative Engineering

By factoring performance needs into the design process from the beginning, a new generation of goods may be created and optimized. Engineers frequently have to accept the first practical design choice due to tight schedules. Generative engineering helps you find the best design faster while requiring fewer iterations by emulating nature’s evolutionary process.

Automated calculations repeat until the geometry is optimized. The resulting organic shapes are lightweight and satisfy all performance criteria. In order to automate the design exploration process, NX additionally uses the multidisciplinary design exploration program HEEDS®.

Variety of Deployment and Licensing Options

NX offers you a comprehensive toolset that unifies disciplines, protects data integrity and design intent, and streamlines the entire process from concept design through engineering and manufacturing.

The options for NX include subscription, rental, and perpetual licence. Options for deployment include streaming services from a public cloud provider, virtualized environments, or on-premise deployment. Cloud Connected Products give customers the choice to pay a yearly or monthly subscription fee rather than making a sizable upfront investment in a permanent licence. Easy management of NX use in your business, which lowers IT and maintenance costs, is made possible through flexible cloud-connected licencing and automatic updates.

NX Licensing Options

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