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Siemens NX. Where tomorrow’s technology meets clever engineering.

NX for Design via PTC

When was the last time you assessed your partnership with your CAD vendor? NX for Design, the most robust, adaptable, and cutting-edge product development system in the business, provides the features, performance, and capabilities to support you in bringing products to market more quickly than before.

  • The most cutting-edge architecture of any significant CAD/CAM/CAE solution is used to build NX.
  • NX continual release gives you the quickest access to the most recent innovations.
  • NX is an open solution that can be “plugged and played” with your current IT systems.
  • Data from earlier NX and Unigraphics releases can be incorporated into the current release using NX.

“With Siemens’ NX, we work with only one file along the process chain. There is less complexity. You can work in less time and have a lower error rate.” – toolcraft.

Advantages of User Experience

NX creates an adaptive user interface by utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence to capture design processes. In order to assist users to use the software more effectively and boost productivity, these capabilities can forecast subsequent actions and alter the user interface. The NX user interface has an extensive Help feature and quick-finding utilities like the Command Finder. In addition, Siemens provides various formal training options, including self-directed and virtual training.

Adaptive user interface for NX
NX Breadth and Depth of Capability

Breadth and Depth of Capability

For engineering and manufacturing solutions, Siemens is the market and revenue leader. Companies are revising their design strategies in response to new technologies like convergent modeling, generative design, and additive manufacturing (unified 3D modeling using combinations of facet and B-Rep data). Only Siemens and NX provide total integration across mechanical, electrical, and electronic systems, allowing you to break down communication barriers and create a collaborative environment for full product development.

Data Preservation

NX is the exception in a world where new acquisitions frequently result in data incompatibilities. The core value of NX is data preservation. You won’t ever be required by NX to go on to the following release without transferring your data. No matter the previous release’s platform, we have always taken satisfaction in being able to utilize all the data we have produced.

NX Data Preservation model
NX licensing options

Deployment and Licensing Options

With NX, you can coordinate your license requirements with your financial objectives. Perpetual, subscription, and rental license options are all available for NX. Additionally, the implementation of Value Licensing is a component of a continuous plan to give consumers the freedom to utilize a variety of different goods through a token system that expands current licensing possibilities to a huge number of add-on modules. NX can be used on-premises, virtually, or in the cloud/SaaS.

Making the Move from PTC to NX

With NX, you can combine solutions into a single one that has a single user interface, a single data collection, and a lower total cost of ownership. Data is a worry for you. We comprehend. With the best quality and the least amount of effort, we can help you carry all of your data forward to NX. Synchronous technology enables you to modify the data as necessary to carry out your design revisions.

Migrate from PTC to NX
Team Penske switched to NX

Team Penske - Managed Migration Process from PTC to NX

After 20 years of utilizing PTC software, Team Penske made the switch to NX and Siemens in 2018 and went on to win the Monster Energy Cup with driver Joey Logano. Check out the Team Penske Success Story by clicking the banner down below.

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