Routed Systems

Accelerating the design of mechanical and electrically routed assemblies.

NX digital product for routed systems

The comprehensive tool set provided by NX digital product development solutions makes it easier to design routed systems, including wire harnesses, cables, pipelines, tubing, conduit, and raceways.

These process-specific tools streamline the flow of product information across the manufacturing, service, and analysis sectors as well as the logical design, physical design, and logical design sectors. They also increase product quality.

Routed Systems are made up of powerful features that allow you to build a custom solution. Read more about these features below.

3D Electrical Wiring and Harness Design

You may design and route harnesses in complex assemblies with NX’s fully integrated 3D electrical routing and wire harness design program. To automate the design, modification, and analysis of wire harnesses, clever features and functionalities are offered by electrical routing tools.

NX harness design
Mechanical Electronics Design

Mechanical Routed System Design

You can choose and position common elements for tubes, pipes, conduit, raceways, and HVAC ducts using fluid and mechanical routing tools to create routes in assemblies fast and precisely. You can find and fix issues to ensure quality with the aid of design rules checking (DRC).

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