Mechanical Routed System Design

Mechanical routing system design tools shorten the time to market.

Mechanical Electronics Design

NX offers mechanical routed system design tools and example libraries for tubing, pipe, conduit, and raceways. To enable design revisions, mechanical routed system models are completely associative to NX assemblies. Manufacturing of subsystems is informed by automated bend reports and bills of materials. By doing away with the necessity for physical measurements before beginning the design of the routed subsystem, time to market is significantly shortened.

Mechanical Routed System Design is made up of powerful features that allow you to build a custom solution. Read more about these features below.

2D & 3D Piping Design

A 2D schematic diagram outlining the logical connections between devices can be made first, after which a 3D model of the system assembly that is based on the schematic can be built. You can confine the mechanical system to adjacent components by constructing routes with the help of path design tools. Runs and spool subsections can be readily defined for use as references in 2D schematics, manufacturing drawings, and other documentation.

NX comes with a part library that employs sophisticated algorithms to choose components automatically based on run characteristics and guarantees proper attachment to the assembly. You may install auxiliary parts like valves, flanges, and gaskets in a single step by using template assemblies.

Piping design in 2D and 3D in NX CAD
Design rule checking is a feature of NX

Design Rule Checking

Design rule checking (DRC) is a feature of NX that makes that your designed routed systems follow accepted design principles. A minimum bend radius check, a minimum length check, a connection compatibility check, a flow direction check, and additional checks are all included in the expandable rule set. When a rule is broken, NX quickly alerts you and allows you to execute the rules checks concurrently or on-demand. The ability to plan and route paths based on rules boosts accuracy and gets rid of mistakes.

Pipe Design Documentation

You may create all the manufacturing-related documentation you need with the aid of NX’s capabilities for fluid and mechanical system routing. Calculating cut lengths, numbering stock and parts, generating bend reports and bills of materials, and producing manufacturing drawings are all automated by the program.

Documentation for NX Pipe Design

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