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Workflow Based Solutions

Modern product design tools can speed up workflow-based solutions.

Prolim Workflow Based Solutions

Workflow solutions provided by Siemens Digital Industries Software are customized for each industry’s unique requirements. Our products assist businesses in fast realizing value in their products and operations based on years of knowing key industry requirements.

  • With a comprehensive and in-depth set of free-form design skills, you can optimize form, fit, and function.
  • Geometric modeling may be done quickly and accurately.
  • To produce electromechanical actuation systems of greater quality, and integrate mechanical, electronic, and electrical designs and procedures.

Workflow-based solutions are made up of powerful features that allow you to build a custom solution. Read more about these features below.

Aero Structures Design

NX may assist the customer by increasing design productivity by providing integrated tools to progress from Concept to Detailed Design to Analysis to Manufacturing and beyond. This will allow the company to better meet or surpass the demand pressure from the airlines. NX provides more rapid design iterations, accelerating the time to market for superior products.

Aerostructures Aircraft design and manufacturing
Industrial big data Automotive Design

Automotive Design

Automotive manufacturers must find innovative ways to enhance vehicle performance and design due to shifting consumer tastes and regulatory demands. These demands have a significant impact on the engineering and design processes. NX offers a complete set of design tools that function within a totally integrated system for product development, from concept design to manufacture.

Marine Design Solutions

The next generation of ship design software can offer a concentrated environment for modelling the concept, detail design, and manufacturing output information of ships. Use it to create your future ships. Your designers will be able to quickly search for, retrieve, and collaborate on the whole ship design process thanks to the flexibility afforded by the many views that may be used to arrange your ship data.

Ship Design Software
NX Design for medical devices

Medical Devices

Innovative design and production of medical instruments and equipment are required by healthcare therapies that are becoming more consumer-centric and individualised. While in production or pursuing regulatory approval, our solutions allow for quicker and simpler changes and improvements. With the assurance that your design, development, and production environments will result in cutting-edge medical devices, innovate quickly and with confidence.

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