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Automotive manufacturers must find innovative ways to enhance vehicle performance and design due to shifting consumer tastes and regulatory demands. These demands have a significant impact on the engineering and design processes.

NX offers a complete set of design tools that function within a totally integrated system for product development, from concept design to manufacture.

Since many years ago, Siemens has developed automotive-specific design tools that combine best practises from the industry in close collaboration with automakers.

Automotive Design is made up of powerful features that allow you to build a custom solution. Read more about these features below.


Numerous decisions that must be made in the context of current facts are involved in automotive design. With NX, you may utilize visual tools to collect data, arrange information, and show it within the context of the 3D product model to better inform and hasten decision-making.

Engineers and designers working on product development now have access to 3D data for all decision-making processes thanks to HD3D. This covers product validation, reporting, analytics, and issue tracking. These all-important design process steps now have access to 3D data. This enables engineers to quickly identify and resolve issues. CAD data is just one type of information. Additionally, engineers have access to data such as product costs and the supplier that is producing the component.

HD3D Visual Reporting
Design Productivity with NX CAD in 2D & 3D

Design Productivity

Designers may increase productivity in component and assembly design with NX’s power and flexibility. Designers use any combination of 2D and 3D, solid modelling, curve and surface design, parametric feature-based modelling, template-based design, modular design, subdivision modelling, and direct modelling functions to choose the best tools and techniques for each assignment. Your design team can employ potent curve, surface, and freeform modelling capabilities to more quickly generate and refine Class A surfaces for styled body or interior surfaces.

Protecting your historic data is possible using NX. Design data from earlier versions of NX are compatible with our most recent releases. Additionally, you may perform CAD, CAM, and CAE tasks in one environment with NX. Your design tasks and procedures could become significantly more efficient and transparent as a result.

Interior, Powertrain, Multidisciplinary

For consumers of new cars, interior design is a critical distinction. NX provides sophisticated special-purpose tools for automotive mechanical and occupancy packing that automate packaging activities and certify designs for accordance with industry and regulatory standards by using process expertise and industry standards.

Achieve important powertrain design goals including performance, economy, durability, and response. Powertrain design is expedited and more productive thanks to comprehensive component and assembly modelling capabilities.

The complexity of products today is rising, and most, if not all, rely on integrated electronics. The only truly interdisciplinary platform now on the market, NX unifies electrical, mechanical, and control systems. Cross-probing allows designers of wire schematics and harness configurations to collaborate closely and reduce the likelihood of errors that would require expensive and time-consuming rework.

Powertrain interior design using NX CAD

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