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AM Generative Engineering

Generate optimal parts with built-in generative engineering tools.

AM Generative Engineering

The great potential of additive manufacturing has been achieved in several aspects, including generative design. Tools like topology optimization have found their niche as a result of additive manufacturing’s ability to create components with extremely complicated shape.

You can maximize the benefits of additive manufacturing with reliable optimization solutions.

Design Space Exploration

Design space exploration is a technique for automatically creating and contrasting much design runs to identify the “best-fit solution. HEEDS is a design space exploration tool that combines Simcenter CAE simulation with NX CAD geometry to create several iterations of a part from which a collection of “best fit” designs can be selected. This enables a designer to swiftly iterate through hundreds or thousands of potential optimal designs. The outcome is a truly optimal solution that can be 3D printed. Learn more

NX CAM Design Space Exploration
NX CAM Fluid Flow Optimization

Fluid Flow Optimization

In order to optimize topology, Siemens has taken advantage of the robust fluid flow analysis features in our Star-CCM+ product. The end result is a system that can optimize part geometry for effective fluid flow. By employing this procedure, businesses can improve fluid flow through their duct systems and standardize the flow between multiple outlets. Learn more

Strength Optimization

Topology Optimization is a process that uses traditional CAE techniques along with special mathematics to optimize a part for performance. When optimizing for strength, the designer provides a set of inputs including the allowable design envelope, load conditions, material characteristics, and constraints. The system then uses those inputs and generates an optimized part geometry. When paired with AM, topology optimization can result in parts that meet strength requirements while minimizing material usage, weight, and other characteristics. Learn more

NX CAM Strength Optimization requirements

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