Design Validation

Design validation is required in order to print high-quality parts at scale.

NX CAM Design Validation

The design of the part is influenced by characteristics specific to each print technique. However, Siemens has built a number of additive manufacturing component validation capabilities into our NX CAD system. Normally, the part design validation process is postponed until the production stage. Component validation can be moved up to the design stage of the process, allowing for much earlier discovery and correction of design defects and cost savings that cascade down to the remainder of the additive manufacturing process.

Part validation is key to generating quality, repeatable additive manufacturing output.

Performance Simulation

The majority of organizations model how a design will perform in actual situations once it is complete. Top-notch geometry editing, associative simulation modeling, and multi-discipline solutions laced with domain expertise are all combined in Simcenter 3D to speed up the simulation process. Offering a seamless CAD/CAE experience, it is available as a standalone simulation environment as well as being completely integrated with NX.

NX CAM Performance Simulation
Production Readiness Validation

Production Readiness Validation

Additive manufacturing processes have unique requirements including, allowable overhang, print resolution, and print volume. NX includes a series of integrated solutions for validating designs against these process requirements. This allows both the designer and the shop floor operator to be confident that the designs released to manufacturing are printable using the selected technology and material, saving time and money.

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