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Machine Connectivity

Direct printing lets you get the most out of your 3D printing technology.

NX is capable of printing on either a desktop or industrial machine, in fixed-plane or multi-axis, plastic or metal. Our tools support a variety of technologies from the most reputable additive manufacturing hardware manufacturers in the market, regardless of what you print or how you print it. For export to printers we do not directly link with, NX also supports the 3MF and STL data formats.

NX supports the broadest range of 3D printing gear on the market, regardless of technology.

Hybrid Print Technologies

The NX CAD system was the first significant one to accommodate hybrid production equipment. The ability to quickly switch between additive and subtractive processes is made possible by the inclusion of both additive manufacturing and standard subtractive operations within the same machine. Users of these devices are able to produce extremely intricate designs with very precise tolerances. Siemens is in a unique position to provide these machines with the operations required to drive this special hardware thanks to our integrated additive and subtractive software systems.

Hybrid Print Technologies

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