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Complex Parts Machining

Utilize cutting-edge CAM software for 5-axis machining to increase efficiency.

NX CAM Complex Parts Machining

By producing complex parts with fewer operations and setups, 5-axis machining helps to cut costs and delivery times. With the help of NX CAM’s 5-axis capabilities, you can design precisely directed tool paths to efficiently manufacture complex geometries.

The most complicated sections, such as impellers, blisks, and engine ports, may be programmed much more easily because of the software’s application-specific features. Visualizing the properties of multi-axis toolpaths allows you to design operations that are optimal and get rid of production faults.

Below, you can read more about the potent features for cutting difficult objects.

Create Advanced 5-axis Operations

A variety of cutting-edge 5-axis techniques are available with NX CAM, including automated collision avoidance and finely controlled tool axes. To cut along sketched walls utilizing the cutter’s side, for instance, variable-axis profiling simply has to choose the bare minimum of geometry.

The newest 5-axis cutting techniques enable high-speed finishing that adheres to the part’s natural shape, shortening machining times, and enhancing surface polish.

The efficiency and part quality of multi-axis machining are increased by barrel tools’ large cutting-edge radii, which enable larger tools to engage with the material.

NX CAM Create Advanced 5-axis Operations
NX CAM’s tube milling

Cut Internal Geometries with Tube Milling

Programming hollow and narrow features, such as engine block ports, is made incredibly simple by the 5-axis tube milling capabilities. Using normal techniques to program these difficult components can be exceedingly time-consuming and error-prone.

The tube milling feature of NX CAM eliminates prep labor, decreases parameter input, and accelerates NC programming. The effective roughing and finishing processes, which may securely cover the entire region with a single toolpath, guarantee increased machining precision and efficiency.

Program Multi-Blade Parts Using Turbomachinery Milling

Complex multi-bladed spinning parts, like blisks and impellers, can be programmed with less effort using specialized 5-axis NC programming techniques.

Material may be removed between the blades effectively thanks to simultaneous 5-axis roughing and automated rest milling. You can generate an optimum tool path by accurately managing the cut patterns, tool path smoothing, and tool axis stability settings for the edges during specialized finishing operations for the hub, blades, and splitters.

NX CAM Turbomachinery Milling
NX CAM helps you analyze complex machine behaviors during multi-axis cuts

Visualize and Optimize Multi-Axis Operations

NX CAM helps you analyze complex machine behaviors during multi-axis cuts. As you program, you can optimize the machining conditions by visualizing 5-axis tool path characteristics, including:

  • Tool lead angle
  • Rotary axis positions, with over-travel limits
  • Rotary axis speeds to detect reversals
  • Short and long segments

This visual analysis helps you verify cutting conditions across the entire operation, enabling you to machine complex parts right the first time.

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