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Mold, Die & Electrode Machining

Using cutting-edge CAM software, revolutionize your mold and die machining.

Mold, Die & Electrode Machining

Utilizing a single software system, improve molds, dies, and electrodes. You can make high-quality tooling more quickly using NX CAM’s superior high-speed machining, automated rest milling, and smooth finishing techniques.

Making use of specialist, user-friendly five-axis machining capabilities for mold and die machining will help you cut lead times even further while enhancing quality.

You may validate the machining process to remove errors on the shop floor by using the digital twin of your machine setup.

To create high-quality tools, become familiar with powerful features.

Manufacture Mold Inserts with Excellent Finish

Using a complete set of NC programming tools, create mold inserts of the highest quality. You may cut cycle time by up to 60% while extending tool life using high-speed roughing techniques. Air-cutting is eliminated and uncut material from prior operations is removed with fully automated rest milling. You can rapidly see and determine, region by region, the precise machining of a part for more intricate designs. Smooth finishing techniques can conform to the machined area’s natural shape, resulting in exceptional surface quality and a reduction in rework.

With NX CAM’s specialist 3+2 milling and 5-axis machining capabilities, you can efficiently cut even the most difficult molds and enhance surface polish to reach a new level of production.

Manufacture Mold Inserts
Mold Bases Automatically

Program Mold Bases Automatically

Programming mold bases with several machining features, such as holes, pockets, and slots, can take a long time and be rife with mistakes. Utilizing NX CAM feature-based machining, you may automate the programming procedure (FBM). It applies the appropriate cutting processes and automatically recognizes features, increasing the repeatability and cutting down on NC programming time by up to 90%.

You can standardize and expedite your programming efforts by using process templates to employ pre-established, rule-driven machining processes.

Using the G-code-driven simulation, you may digitally replicate the entire machining process in order to streamline operations and get rid of production problems.

Speed Up Electrode Manufacturing

When creating tooling that uses electrical discharge machining, an essential stage is electrode manufacture (EDM).

You can speed up the production of electrodes of any complexity with NX’s integrated electrode design and NC programming capabilities. You may swiftly machine precise and smooth electrodes using a variety of advanced cutting techniques, such as high-speed finishing. With the help of our step-by-step solution, you can automate the entire procedure, from design to production, saving time and money.

You can easily alter machining operations to satisfy engineering change orders thanks to the association between the component model, mold, and electrode designs.

electrical discharge machining
Streamline NC Programming

Streamline NC Programming of Die Faces & Structures

The effective manufacture of dies of any complexity is made possible by advanced die face machining techniques in NX CAM, such as high-speed roughing and finishing of cast stock material. By achieving a near-mirror finish, which does not require polishing, you can cut costs and lead times. You can shorten cycle times and increase accuracy using multi-axis machining.

You can use the full range of NX CAM capabilities for effective die structure machining, including volume-based milling, automatic feature recognition, and simultaneous 5-axis machining. Automatically producing thorough shop documentation, including setup sheets, tool inventories, and 3D drawings will ensure that the right data is used in production.

Use Precise and Efficient Wire EDM Operations

Mold bases, electrodes, and other associated components are manufactured using wire EDM processes, which enhance part quality and decrease the overall number of manufacturing stages.

Multi-pass profiling, wire reversal, and area removal are just a few of the 2- and 4-axis wire EDM processes offered by NX CAM.

Using feature-based machining, you can automate the programming of wire EDM machines (FBM). NX can identify wire EDM characteristics such as pockets, holes, slots, and wire start holes. The detected characteristics are then automatically subjected to machining operations by FBM.

EDM machines

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