Postprocessing & Machining Simulation

Utilize tested and optimized NC programs to increase production efficiency.

NX CAM Postprocessing & Machining Simulation

NX’s integrated postprocessor allows you to create NC programs for a variety of CNC machine tools. The machine-ready NC programs give you the ability to boost overall production efficiency and machine tool utilization.

Utilize the digital twin of your equipment and the complete production line to verify operations prior to beginning production. Manufacturing procedures can be optimized and shop floor faults can be removed by employing the integrated G-code-driven machine simulation in NX CAM.

Read on to learn more about the robust postprocessing and machining simulation tools.

Output Machine-Ready NC Programs

The fundamental CAM system is closely tied to NX’s own postprocessor system.

For practically every machine tool and controller combination, it is simple to generate the necessary NC code. A variety of posts supporting a wide range of machine tools are available in the online postprocessor library.

Additionally, NX CAM comes with a Post Configurator, which makes it simple to design and modify postprocessors for a variety of machine-controller combinations. You can quickly specify parameters for the necessary NC codes using its graphical user interface.

NX CAM has an enhanced postprocessor for Sinumerik controllers that chooses important controller parameters based on information about the machining operation automatically.

To promote effective manufacturing, you can export entire shop documentation, including the optimized NC program, tooling list, and setup sheet.

Validate Machining Processes

You can validate tool paths during the NC programming session because of NX CAM’s integrated simulation and verification capabilities, which is a significant benefit.

There are several capacities available. For instance, material removal verification makes it possible for you to monitor and improve machining operations as you program.

The motion produced by the NC code output of the internal postprocessor for NX is seen in the G-code-driven machine tool simulation. When the G-code is processed, a 3D model of the machine, complete with the part, fixtures, and tooling, moves in the same manner as the machine tool.

Support kits offer a full solution for sophisticated machine equipment that includes:

  • Proven postprocessor
  • 3D digital model of the machine tool
  • Example parts, templates and documentation

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