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Design Tools for Part Manufacturers

Integrate part manufacturing processes with NX CAD/CAM

CAM Design Tools

NX includes powerful integrated Computer-Aided Design (CAD) that allows for seamless manufacturing from digital part models to finished products.

With comprehensive design tools, you can quickly prepare 3D models for Numerical Control (NC) programming, verify manufacturability, and improve data quality. Associativity to the digital part model connects all operation stages, allowing for rapid design changes.

You can eliminate production errors and increase machine uptime by programming using the digital twin of your entire job setup, including the workpiece, fixtures, machine tool, and tooling.

Read more about the powerful design tools for part manufacturers below.

Accelerate Part Model Preparation

Synchronous Technology allows you to directly edit any CAD model, no matter how complex or how it was created.

You can quickly prepare the part model for NC programming by closing holes and gaps, offsetting faces, and resizing part features. You can quickly remove detail part features, for example, to create continuous surfaces optimised for smooth toolpaths.

NX maintains full associativity to the original CAD data as you prepare part models for machining, allowing you to easily implement design changes requested by your engineering department or customers.

Screenshot of Accelerate Part Model Preparation
3D model using Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI)

Drive Manufacturing Processes Using PMI

Using Product and Manufacturing Information, you can capture and associate a part’s manufacturing requirements directly to the 3D model (PMI). This data, which includes geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T), 3D annotation, surface finish, and material specifications, becomes available throughout the operation.

PMI allows you to automate NC programming and save up to 90% of programming time. It directs the selection of tools, machine tolerances, and operations in order to create optimised processes that meet manufacturing requirements.

NX employs PMI for Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) inspection programming by selecting probes, inspection methods, and operations automatically.

Leverage Fully-Integrated CAD Tools

Whether you model the part from a drawing, modify an existing model or you create a job setup assembly, you can use NX’s comprehensive CAD functions, including:

  • Design workpieces and fixtures using solid and surface modeling
  • Read, repair and modify CAD data coming in any standard format
  • Build a library of standard components for re-use
  • Create associative engineering drawings using drafting capabilities
  • Define digital twins of job setups using assembly and kinematics functions
Screenshot of Fully-Integrated CAD Tools
NX provides master model technology for manufacturing

Standardize Manufacturing with a Master Model

NX uses master model technology to enable concurrent manufacturing by connecting all functions to the part’s single model definition – from part model design and optimization to NC programming and CNC machining to quality inspection.

Associativity allows you to manage engineering change orders more effectively (ECO). When design changes are made, the toolpaths, job setup assembly, and shop documentation are instantly updated, ensuring that the correct data is used in production.

The master model technology enables agile end-to-end part manufacturing, increasing efficiency and productivity.

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