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  • Program any job, from 2.5-axis milling to multi-spindle turning, using one CAM system.

  • Leverage the latest manufacturing technologies, such as high-speed machining, 5-axis milling, and robotics.

  • Automate NC programming using application-specific capabilities and feature-based machining.

  • Increase machine uptime and eliminate errors in production with integrated G-code-driven simulation.

  • Gain productivity with integrated CAD/CAM software, driving end-to-end processes, from 3D designs to finished parts.

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Benefits of Integrated CAD/CAM Software

  • NX CAM’s powerful capabilities for programming, postprocessing and simulation helps program jobs of any complexity. Combined with the integrated CAD capabilities, it provides unique advantages to part manufacturers.
  • Automate NC programming using product manufacturing information (PMI) attached to the 3D model. A new generation of toolpath technologies helps maximize the CNC machining efficiency while delivering higher quality precision parts.
  • The integrated CAD tools help to create optimized and collision-free toolpaths faster. Synchronous Technology enables rapid part model preparation. Design parts and fixtures with solid modeling tools and define an accurate “digital twin” of your machine setup using NX’s assembly functions.
  • NX’s comprehensive capabilities enable a highly efficient CAD/CAM/CNC process, helping companies to stay competitive. Sign up now for our free NX CAM software trial and see first-hand how it can accelerate your production, today.