NX CMM Inspection

The cutting-edge NX™ CMM Inspection Programming software offers an offline programming solution that shortens programming time, frees up pricey CMM equipment, and ensures a quick reaction to design modifications.

Our solution accelerates the development of inspection programs from feature design and path building to program generation and validation by fusing domain expertise, best practices, and process automation.

By using your own standard inspection path methods, tools, and programme templates, integration with Teamcenter® enables you to automate programming. It also makes sure that the right revisions of parts are programmed and measured on the shop floor.

Read more about the powerful features for CMM inspection programming below.

Automate Inspection Programming Processes

By reading the 3D part geometry and related product and manufacturing information (PMI) attached to the CAD model, NX CMM Inspection Programming automates the inspection programming process by identifying defined features and tolerances and creating the operations to inspect the part. Applying this link to PMI can often save up to 90% of the usual programming effort needed for parts that have available PMI data in the model.

NX Automate Inspection
Integrate Inspection Programming

Integrate Inspection Programming & Execution

NX CMM Inspection Programming software creates the output that can be read by the software that drives your measuring machines. You are able to easily output the machine instructions using the industry-standard DMIS format or the program language for a specific CMM. Before sending programs to the shop floor you are able to simulate the program, identify interference or motion issues, and use collision avoidance to automatically eliminate collisions before sending programs to your machines.

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