NX™ CMM Inspection Programming software

You may create high-quality inspection programmes using the NXTM CMM Inspection Programming software, usually in the dimensional measurement interface specification (DMIS) format that is used throughout the industry. Siemens also provides Tecnomatix® CMM Inspection Execution software to collect and execute inspection programmes to drive coordinate-measuring machines (CMMs). CMMs may already have their own software to run these inspection programmes. In either situation, the NX CMM Inspection Programming software can be used to analyse and report on the CMM measurement findings.

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Drive Inspection Machines From Model-based Programs

A web-based programme called Tecnomatix CMM Inspection Execution enables you to store, retrieve, and carry out DMIS inspection jobs that may be conducted on a CMM or measurement-ready NC machine. These jobs can be executed from an intuitive job page, and the inspection results can be tracked, analysed, and saved for later retrieval. For quick root-cause analysis, inspection findings and measured data are made available in an industry-standard dimensional markup language (DML) format.

Drive Inspection Machines From Model-based Programs
Easily Review & Analyze Inspection Results

Easily Review & Analyze Inspection Results

After the inspection program has been completed, the Tecnomatix CMM Inspection Execution software allows for quick and precise analysis by comparing measured data with predetermined design tolerances that support ANSI, ASME, and ISO standards. Regardless of the inspection instrument that gathered the data, the software’s analysis engine understands and compares the measured data to these industry standards and aids you in determining how much rework will be required to raise the quality of the manufactured parts.

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