Robotic Automation

Automate Production and Increase Flexibility with Robotics

NX CAM Advanced Robotics

By automating the entire part production process, from a blank to a finished item, advanced robotics can increase productivity.

More flexibility offered by robotic machining can significantly boost shop floor productivity. You may train robots to make huge parts and to automate machining processes that are traditionally done by hand using NX CAM. Increased machining capabilities, shorter cycle times, and better part quality are made possible as a result.

You can operate completely automated workcells by using NX to train robots to carry out pick-and-place tasks.

Discover the powerful features of advanced robotic automation.

Gain Flexibility with Robots for Machining

Robots for Machining

The precise machining activities of trimming, deburring, grinding, and polishing can be delegated to robots. You may boost flexibility, decrease expenses, and improve accuracy by automating certain processes using robotics.

Program Robots for Pick-and-Place Operations

Program Robots for Pick-and-Place Operations

Use robots to carry out pick-and-place operations like tool loading and machine tending to further automate your part manufacturing process. This enables prolonged unattended machining, which can increase your output.

Robots to Automate Complete Production

Complete Production Workcells to be Automated by Robots

Automate your activities by utilising the cutting-edge robots and CNC technology. Using NX, you may programme completely automated workcells to carry out robotic machine tending, tool loading, and CNC machining.

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