electrical discharge machining

When designing electrodes for any tool project requiring electrical discharge machining, the NX electrode design software application simplifies the process (EDM).

Time-saving, step-by-step automation of the entire EDM process from design to production is made possible by NX electrode design software. Even the most difficult and intricate electrodes may be managed with its assistance.

Read more about the powerful features to design EDM electrodes below.

Automatically Identify Manufacturing Geometry

Automate the way you specify the core and cavity production procedures. Additionally, you can use EDM, WEDM, milling, and grinding to automatically find, recognise, group, and colour faces that you want to burn and rough.

Define the Electrode Sparking Areas & Blanks

Modeling the electrode head/burn area’s form is possible using specialised and potent features. With associative design, it’s simple to create highly complicated forms, and any modifications made to the core or cavity automatically affect the electrode, drawing, and subsequent machining.

Design Undersized Geometry

Use NX to quickly generate electrode geometry that is too small. Spark gap and orbital motion can both be taken into account. Circular, square, and spherical orbits are examples of default orbit types. Additionally, user-defined orbits are simple to make.

Manage Design Changes

Swap design versions of the manufacturing surfaces and efficiently update associated electrodes, electrode drawings, and toolpaths.

Validate the Electrode Design

Check for interferences and calculate the sparking area; this is useful in defining downstream manufacturing operations and determining proper EDM machine settings.

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