NX Stamping Die Design

The advanced features in our system for developing automobile stamping dies to include formability analysis, die planning, die face design, comprehensive die structure design, and die validation.

By creating a model of the press line and the shape of the sheet metal as it emerges from each press, our stamping die solution helps you define the procedure required to create intricate stamped sheet metal parts.

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Design Accurate Stamped Parts

With the help of our cutting-edge design and modeling tools, you can easily construct and tinker with intricate automobile body panels. Additionally, you can use data that has been imported from other CAD programs.

Easily update models to reflect design changes and quickly model sheet metal components for high-precision automotive applications. Document designs for effective manufacturing.

NX Design Accurate Stamped Parts
NX Die Cutting Operation

Plan the Complete Die Cutting Operation

In order to define the die operation lineup (DOL) and maximize line effectiveness and ensure that production targets are met, our stamping die design software offers a full set of features.

Create process models for every press line station, and decide which parts of the part need to be formed, flanged, and trimmed. Decide where the holes should go, then tip the portion into place.

Quickly Evaluate Die Face Designs

With the help of our cutting-edge design and analysis tools, you can rapidly and virtually assess whether it is feasible to create parts for very precise die-face designs. Create extremely precise digital sheet metal models that take the draw, trim, and flange components of the die process into consideration.

We can do formability analysis early in the design phase using our technologies, which also take stress, strain, and thinning into account. Using surface deformation functions for overgrown, overbend, and wall deformation, you may anticipate springbreak and make adjustments.

NX Die Face Designs
NX Rapidly Design Die Structures

Rapidly Design Die Structures

Designing die structures can be automated by utilizing a variety of features for castings, trim steel, and related scrap cutters, flange steel, draw punch, upper draw die, lower binder, upper pad, owers post, and steel inserts.

Calculate the stress, strain, and deflection that will result from the application of a specific forming load, and assess the stiffness of the die structure.

Validate Die Designs

Our stamping die design solution incorporates automated tools for virtual tests and simulations.

Predict tension, deformation, and deviation under a certain formation load, evaluate if the structure of the die has the appropriate rigidity, simulate the expected operation of the die assembly, and check internal interference and collision conditions.

NX Validate Die Designs

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