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Manufacturing Operations Management Tool.

Manufacturing Operations Management

Opcenter is a comprehensive Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solution that helps you execute your digitalization plan for manufacturing operations. Opcenter provides end-to-end insight into the production, enabling decision-makers to quickly spot areas for improvement in both product design and related manufacturing processes, as well as make the required operational changes for smoother, more productive production.

A comprehensive Manufacturing Operations Management is Opcenter


Medical device diagnostics Opcenter execution

Opcenter Execution Medical Device and Diagnostics (formerly known as “Camstar Medical Device Suite”) gives you the power to stay compliant and deliver high-quality medical devices while gaining competitive advantages including speed, versatility, and performance.

Opcenter semiconductor chip

Opcenter Execution Semiconductor (formerly known as Camstar Semiconductor Suite) is a single, standardized manufacturing execution system for frontend and backend semiconductors operations.

Engineer-led opcenter quality assurance

Opcenter Quality (formerly “QMS Professional”) is a modular, process-oriented model that supports the closed-loop quality product lifecycle.

Execution Opcenter pharma

Opcenter Execution Pharma (formerly “SIMATIC IT eBR”) is a dedicated MES solution for the pharmaceutical industry that allows for complete paperless production and electronic batch tracking.

Men inspecting the opcenter apps

Opcenter APS (previously known as “Preactor APS”) is a set of production planning and scheduling tools. Improve the production process’ orchestration. Opcenter Advanced Planning and Opcenter Advanced Scheduling are two of the solutions available.

Opcenter RD&L (Research, Development and Laboratory)

Opcenter RD&L (formerly “SIMATIC IT R&D Suite”) provides a scalable and versatile system for companies in the CPG and process industries to streamline, optimize, and align all formulated commodity data management.

Opcenter Execution A manufacturing technology must include discrete.

Opcenter Execution Discrete (formerly known as “SIMATIC IT Unified Architecture Discrete Manufacturing”) is a specialized Manufacturing Execution System focused on job-shop component manufacturing and complex manual assembly for the discrete industry segment.

Modern corporate manufacturing intelligence solution Opcenter Intelligence

Opcenter Intelligence (formerly “Manufacturing Intelligence”) connects, organizes, and aggregates manufacturing data from multiple sources into a single, intelligent, and contextualized view.

Opcenter Execution Process

Siemens’ MES system for the CPG and Process Industries is Opcenter Execution Process (formerly known as “SIMATIC IT Unified Architecture Process Industries”). It enables you to execute your plan for full digitalization of manufacturing using cutting-edge technology.

Opcenter Execution Electronics

Opcenter Execution Electronics (formerly known as “Camstar Electronics Suite”) is an electronics industry-specific automated manufacturing solution. It includes PCB assembly, mechanical assembly, and box assembly.

Teamcenter Quality Check

With native quality control dimensions in NX, Teamcenter, and Opcenter Execution Platforms combined with our common Closed-Loop Manufacturing approach for Industry 4.0, the Siemens Teamcenter Quality vision is to improve operational excellence.

The technology and architecture of Opcenter respond to the particular requirements of various industrial processes. It offers robust MOM applications with a rich ecosystem of industry-specific functionalities based on deep manufacturing expertise. Customers can combine production efficiency with quality and visibility to minimize time to production with the highly scalable platform’s multiple capabilities.

Opcenter provides solutions for:

  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling
  • Manufacturing Execution
  • Quality Management
  • Manufacturing Intelligence and Performance
  • Research, Development and Laboratory

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