PADS is PCB design software used by engineers and their teams.

PADS PCB Design Software & Collaboration Tools

Engineers and their teams use PADS, which is an inexpensive, strong, and intuitive PCB design software. With PADS, you can take your electronic design from concept to production in a clear, user-friendly environment – from the designer’s desktop to a connected cloud environment, enabling the future of collaboration.

PADS Professional – The Complete PCB Design Solution

As electronics content increases, so does design complexity. This video offers insights into how PADS Professional delivers powerful PCB design capabilities in an affordable and easy-to-deploy solution for hardware engineers.

PADS PCB Design Software & Collaboration Tools

PADS Professional

PADS Professional is a self-contained, integrated PCB design platform compatible with Xpedition technology for PCB and hardware engineering project design, verification, and extended collaboration.

PADS Professional is a cost-effective, intelligent, and optimized PCB design and verification flow for hardware engineers and small workgroups that offers Xpedition technology compatibility as well as extended collaboration for PCB engineering projects. The features of PADS professional are as follows

PADS Professional Features

  • Electro-Mechanical Co-Design
  • Analog/Mixed-Signal Simulation
  • Design-for-Manufacturing
  • PartQuest Portal – Part Search & Creation Made Simple
  • Connet for PADS Professional
  • Routing Automation
  • Rigid-Flex
  • Signal Integrity Analysis
  • RF Design

PADS Standard & Standard Plus

PADS Standard is a cost-effective package that includes key design solutions for schematic, layout, and PCB simulation.

PADS Standard and PADS Standard Plus provide schematic and layout capabilities in an easy-to-use environment for PCB engineers searching for evaluated equipment. PADS Standard is suitable for situations where cost is a top priority. PADS Standard Plus adds advanced layout features as well as simulation and analysis.

PADS Standard and PADS Standard Plus Features

PADS Standard and PADS Standard Plus deliver the features you need for core PCB design operations at an affordable price.

  • PCB Schematic Design
  • PCB Layout
  • PCB Analysis

Explore PADS Professional with Our Cloud-Enabled Trial

Create a design from beginning to end and see how simple it is to use advanced technologies like rigid-flex design, RF design, and advanced routing, like HDI and area rules, to help you complete your project faster!

Explore PADS Professional with Our Cloud-Enabled Trial