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Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) requires a good plan and technology to be effective. Do you have a complete solution for programming CNC machines and robots? Advanced CAM technology, including high-speed machining, feature-based automation, multi-axis milling, and G-code-based simulation, can boost your company throughput. Let the PROLIM team of veteran manufacturing engineers help you integrate your CAD and CAM to ensure true end-to-end part manufacturing.

PROLIM can help you with below operations

Post Processing

2 & 3 axis
4 & 5 axis
Custom/Build your own

Machine Simulation

Post-Processor Simulation (What do we use for this and a short explanation on how?)

G-Code Simulation

What do we use and what does it allow us to do?

Tool-path Optimization

Analyze your c=machining process and shorten the time of programming and machining which will end up saving money. What do we use to do this?

CAM Post Processor Development

You have the expensive machines, now make sure they are performing at maximum efficiency. Let our manufacturing engineers convert your CAM toolpaths into G and M code for your CNC machines – from the simplest 3-axis mill to an intricate 11-axis mill-turn.

We support the following types of machines:

  • Multi-Axis Mills, Lathes, Mill-Turn, Wire and Sinker EDM, CMM, Router, Waterjets, Laser, Welder, Plasma, and Grinders.

CAM Simulation Development

Validate your NC Programs on a Virtual Machine Tool.  Optimize the value from your machines and eliminate wasteful downtime.

  • The simulation will show all the moving components of your machine.
  • You can verify your setup and watch your part run on the machine before it hits the shop floor.
  • This ensures there are no collisions.

NC Programming

Having trouble getting parts programmed on time.  PROLIM can help!   Call us for a quote to program your simple or complex parts.

Onsite Coaching/Mentoring

Our Manufacturing Engineers have real-world experience and expertise to…

  • teach you about specific manufacturing issues.
  • coach you on your manufacturing skills.
  • facilitate growth by sharing resources and networks.
  • create a safe learning environment for taking risks.

PROLIM mentoring can be done at a PROLIM PLM office, your facility, or via the web.

Shop Doc Customization

We can help you set up automated documentation for the shop floor operators, such as setup sheets, tool lists, and operation list per job, along with overall cut time and individual operation cut times.

Template Customization

Do you have a family of parts or a variety of machines, or do you simply want to change your NX operation’s defaults? Get custom CAM templates created so you can accelerate work. Custom templates can be configured for:

  • Machines
  • CAM Programmers
  • Part Families
  • User Groups
  • Tooling/Materials

How can we help you?

“PROLIM PLM has always been extremely helpful and quick to help from my many years of experience with you all. Thank you.” – Industrial Machining Services


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