PLM Implementation

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PLM Process and Implementation Strategize

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is an important part of the digital transformation. Data can now be accessed in real time and from any location. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to implementation, though. In advanced PLM platforms, complex data sets containing your organization’s sensitive product and customer information will be stored. They must be carefully assimilated and safeguarded.

How many servers will be required? What is the required level of redundancy? Is it necessary to use a certain database? Is it possible to operate it in the cloud? When planning the deployment of an enterprise system, these and other questions arise. PROLIM has the knowledge and skills to answer these issues, as well as the experience to distinguish between “recommended requirements” and the true demands of unique enterprise systems.

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Overspending on software licencing can be avoided with careful planning and a deliberate licence purchasing approach, as well as lost productivity from under-licensed implementations. PROLIM is familiar with the procedure and recognises the need of examining issues such as licence redundancy and licence assignment.

Client and Server Installations

PROLIM experts’ experience allows them to adapt the quirks of certain business software to the distinctiveness of your product planning and development environment. PROLIM has the skills to deploy (or upgrade) hundreds of client installation packages via central administration tools.


PROLIM’s expertise can assist with every phase of a system deployment, but when something goes wrong, they are indispensable. PROLIM can quickly fix difficult implementation and deployment challenges by putting the team’s extensive knowledge to bear on a problem (rather than depending on the knowledge of one individual).