HEEDS is a robust design space exploration and optimization software package that integrates with all commercial computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools to accelerate product innovation. HEEDS accelerates the product development process by automating analysis workflows (Process Automation), maximising available computational hardware and software resources (Distributed Execution), and efficiently exploring the design space for innovative solutions (Efficient Search), all while ensuring performance requirements are met (Insight & Discovery).

HEEDS makes optimum use of all available hardware resources by leveraging current hardware investments. Utilize on-site or remote Windows and Linux workstations or clusters, as well as cloud computing resources, to speed creative product development. Geometry adjustments, for example, can be automated on a Windows® laptop, a structural deformation simulation on a Linux workstation, and a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation on multiple cores of a Linux cluster or in the cloud.

Unlike most traditional optimization tools, which need highly specialized technical skills and model simplification to enable for efficient search, HEEDS may be used by any designers and engineers to unleash creativity. HEEDS incorporates patented Design Space Exploration capabilities to quickly identify design concepts that meet or exceed performance criteria. HEEDS automatically modifies its search approach as it learns more about the design space in order to discover the optimal solution within the time constraints. It is simple to use, built to meet deadlines, and capable of delivering great value!

HEEDS allows you to readily evaluate performance across a wide range of designs that display desirable attributes and resilience. With numerous charts, tables, graphs, and photos, the program assists users in visualizing design performance trade-offs between conflicting objectives and restrictions in order to acquire insight and identify novel solutions. This speeds up the development of production-ready designs, allowing for a true digital twin!

HEEDS supports automated workflows to make driving product development processes easier. HEEDS rapidly and simply combines several technologies without the need for bespoke scripting, thanks to a broad range of established interfaces to commercial CAD and CAE applications. To analyze performance trade-offs and design resilience, the data is seamlessly exchanged between multiple modeling and simulation packages.

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