HEEDS is a robust design space exploration and optimization software package that integrates with all commercial computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools to accelerate product innovation. HEEDS accelerates the product development process by automating analysis workflows (Process Automation), maximising available computational hardware and software resources (Distributed Execution), and efficiently exploring the design space for innovative solutions (Efficient Search), all while ensuring performance requirements are met (Insight & Discovery).

HEEDS makes optimum use of all available hardware resources by leveraging current hardware investments. Utilize on-site or remote Windows and Linux workstations or clusters, as well as cloud computing resources, to speed creative product development. Geometry adjustments, for example, can be automated on a Windows® laptop, a structural deformation simulation on a Linux workstation, and a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation on multiple cores of a Linux cluster or in the cloud.

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