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Simcenter Madymo

Analyze and optimise passenger and pedestrian safety as quickly as possible.

Simcenter Madymo Optimize Safety

Reduce the time and expense of developing new or upgraded vehicles by doing early research and optimization of occupant and pedestrian safety. Simcenter Madymo’s unrivaled precise, efficient, and adaptable simulation solutions assist businesses in limiting prototype testing.

Future autonomous cars will have new sitting arrangements and restraint systems, as well as population gender, age, and size, as well as pre-crash and even non-crash circumstances. As a result, the number of possibilities and the duration of simulated events both rapidly expand. Simcenter Madymo combines multibody, Finite Element, and CFD technologies into a single solver that balances accuracy and speed appropriately. The program incorporates a large library of validated crash dummy models and human body models.

According to an Automotive Occupant Restraints Council benchmark, Simcenter Madymo is the industry leader in occupant safety simulation. This one tested the predictive value vs measured data and CPU time of the most regularly used combinations of simulation codes and crash dummy models. Simcenter Madymo with multibody Hybrid-III models was among the best in terms of accuracy while also being by far the quickest.

Simcenter Madymo’s extremely precise, efficient, and adaptable simulation solutions assist researchers and engineers in reducing prototype testing.

Occupant Safety Simulation

Simulate passenger and pedestrian safety accurately and effectively by combining several approaches with a verified crash dummy and human body model database.

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