A capable electromagnetic field simulation solution is Simcenter MAGNET 2D/3D.

Simcenter MAGNET 2D/3D is a sophisticated electromagnetic field modelling tool for predicting the performance of motors, generators, sensors, transformers, actuators, solenoids, and other components containing permanent magnets or coils. You can optimise, develop, and evaluate simple to sophisticated electromagnetic and electromechanical devices with this easy-to-use and precise programme.

Simcenter MAGNET virtual prototyping saves money and time. Metric and optimization studies enable the examination of various configurations for performance enhancement. The precise replication of harsh operating circumstances reveals information about loss and temperature hotspots, permanent magnet demagnetization, unused material, and failure analysis via fault situations.

Electromagnetic Simulations of ac frequencies Low simulations from Simcenter
Low-frequency electromagnetic transient simulations.
Low frequency electromagnetic circuit and system simulations

AC Electromagnetic Simulation

The use of a single frequency in AC electromagnetic simulations reduces simulation time. Using this technique, electromagnetic fields in and around current-carrying conductors can be replicated in the presence of isotropic materials that can be either magnetically or electrically conducting or both. In hotspot analyses, this takes into account the effects of displacement currents, eddy currents, and proximity.

Transient Electromagnetic Simulation

Allows for the modelling of complicated issues including time-varying arbitrary-shaped current or voltage sources and outputs with material nonlinearity and frequency-dependent effects. This comprises oscillations in electromechanical devices, permanent magnet demagnetization, switching effects, eddy-current produced torque, skin and proximity.

Circuit & System

System-level or model-based analysis requires accurate sub-component models to take into account interactions and local transients that affect overall system behaviour. For Simcenter Flomaster, Simcenter Amesim, and other platforms, Simcenter low-frequency electromagnetics provides native circuit simulations, co-simulation connections, and the exporting of 1D system models.

Low frequency electric field simulations
Low frequency electromagnetic motion simulations simcenter
Electromagnetic frequency advanced electromagnetic material modelling low

Electric Field

It is possible to represent static, alternating current, and transient electric fields using the finite element method for electric fields. Additionally, it might imitate the static current densities produced by DC voltages on conducting electrodes, which are the source of current flow. Electric field simulations, lightning impulse simulations, partial discharge analysis, and impedance analysis are frequently used in high-voltage applications to predict failures of insulation and winding.

Electromagnetic-Motion Simulation

The electromagnetic modelling of transient fields may take motion into account. It is possible to model rotational, linear, and arbitrary motion with six degrees of freedom (X, Y, Z, Roll, Pitch, and Yaw). This holds true for an infinite number of mechanical interactions, induced currents, and moving parts. Mechanical factors include viscous friction, mass, springs, and gravity. They also include movement restrictions imposed by mechanical stops. Any force applied to a load can be set as a function of position, speed, and time.

Advanced Electromagnetic Material Modeling

Simcenter electromagnetic advanced material modelling accounts for nonlinearities, demagnetization of permanent magnets, hysteresis loss, and anisotropic effects. This makes it possible to analyse phenomena like demagnetization in permanent magnets in order to verify their service life, analyse frequency-dependent losses in thin components while shortening the solution time, and account for all losses in order to get an exact energy balance.

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