Simcenter Motorsolve

Using simple software, accurately design electric motors.

Simcenter Motorsolve

Simcenter Motorsolve is an all-in-one design and analysis package for permanent magnet, induction, synchronous, electrically, and brush-commutated machines. For precise simulations of electric devices, the program combines finite element analysis with an easy-to-use interface.

The template-based interface is simple to use and adaptable enough to handle virtually any motor topology, including unique rotors and stators. The program automates typical FEA tasks such as mesh and solver refinement, winding arrangement, and post-processing (including the export of 1D models). With a single mouse click, you may get performance parameters, waveforms, and field plots.

Electric Motor Coil Winding

The configuration of the electric motor coil windings is critical in terms of design and performance. The method used to generate the comprehensive list of all conceivable balanced layouts is unique, making it simple to compare alternatives. All necessary elements are determined automatically.

Any predetermined layout can be changed, or the coil winding can be manually entered. There is a large selection of winding charts available (Phase Back-EMF, Görges diagram, Airgap MMF, and others).

Simcenter electric motor software winding an electric motor
Types of motors Simcenter electric software

Electric Motor Types

Design software for permanent magnet, induction, synchronous, electronically, and brush-commutated electric motors.

The template-based interface is simple to use and adaptable to virtually any motor architecture. It is possible to import custom rotor and stator profiles.

FEA Automation

The automation of conventional FEA pre- and post-processing processes results in a more efficient electric motor design process.

Mesh refinements, solution space formulation, and post-processing activities are not required. The user may also do virtual experiments and export 1D models.

Software automation for electric motors in Simcenter
Thermal simulation software for electric motors

Motor Thermal Analysis

Computational electromagnetics and thermal analysis for electric motors to investigate the impact of heat and different cooling solutions on performance. Performance findings can be based on steady-state or transient temperature analysis when using a strong and highly proficient automated 3D FEA engine.

Performance Analysis

To evaluate the simulated performance of electric motors, use prepared virtual tests. The experiments provide quantities, waveforms, fields, and charts as output.

The simulated experiments include torque-speed curve analysis, thermal performance, motor characterisation, instantaneous waveforms, and hotspots.

Performance analysis of the Simcenter electric motor software

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