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Simcenter Webapp Server

Extend the use of system simulation throughout the company

Simcenter Webapp Server makes system simulation available to all users in your business. It gives project engineers and technical salesmen who don’t have Simcenter Amesim desktop access to digital twins in order to provide clients with predictive information. Simcenter Webapp Server is a simple and inexpensive solution. Because of pre-defined model parameterization, this server-client, web-based application provides access to end-user-specific simulation results. The only condition is that you have a web browser. Simcenter Webapp Server enables IT businesses to more easily offer system simulation to a larger range of users while ensuring that intellectual property remains on company grounds.

Use an easy-to-use and cost-effective web-based solution to deploy system simulation throughout the organisation.


Install-free system simulation deployment

You can access system simulation models without installing a desktop programme. Users are identified by their login and require just an internet connection and a web browser to access models, run simulations, and review results from anywhere in the globe, at any time, and on any device. Your intellectual property does not leave your corporate infrastructure since the installation is centralised on the company server.


Instant publication and sharing of your models

You can easily collaborate with your coworkers. Simcenter allows registered users to upload and exchange models with other users. You no longer need to provide models through email. Any user in his workplace can see shared models and do new analysis. The parameterization and results of each analysis are saved on the server for further use.


System simulation power from everywhere

Assist technical sales team in fully using the predictive capabilities of system simulation models to demonstrate the performance of mechatronic goods to clients. Model owners can create these models by defining the parameters and variables of interest. End users may then simply change those settings, run simulations remotely, and view the results.

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