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Simcenter Testing

Drive creativity and productivity through test-based engineering.

Simcenter Physical Testing

In the digital age, it is critical to test, verify, and optimize real-world designs while working under the restrictions of shorter testing cycles, competing for performance objectives, increasing product complexity, and lowering costs.

Simcenter Testing Solutions may help you improve testing procedures while also increasing productivity and product creativity. To meet a wide range of test requirements, our systems combine multiphysics data collecting hardware with a comprehensive suite of acquisition, analytics, and modeling software.

Simcenter Testing Solutions provide crucial insights for developing innovative smart devices, increasing testing productivity and efficiency, maintaining quality, improving team communication and engineering flexibility, closing the loop using simulation, and lowering the total cost of ownership.

Simcenter Testlab Simulation Solution
Simcenter Micred Quality Tester model
Simcenter Scadas Data Acquisition Systems

Simcenter Testing Facility

For test-based engineering, combine multi-channel data collecting, complete integrated testing systems, and data management.

Micred Quality Tester Simcenter

Using thermal transient test method based on thermal impedance, automate semiconductor package thermal quality testing to discover problems such as die attach voids.

SCADAS Simcenter

Improve your testing productivity by using a variety of data collecting technologies.

Simcenter Testlab Neo
Scaptor Simcenter
Simcenter Avonis

Simcenter Neo Testlab

Discover the software of the future for transdisciplinary test-based performance engineering.

SCAPTOR Simcenter

Record and interpret autonomous driving data with confidence.

Anovis Simcenter

Formally demonstrate that a manufactured product satisfies requirements or that the machine functions safely by employing a comprehensive, robust, and dependable end-of-line testing solution for pass/fail tests.

Simcenter Sound Camera Model
Simcenter Testxpress Module
Simcenter Qsources Module

Sound Camera Simcenter

With rapid and adaptable sound source identification, you can speed up your acoustic troubleshooting.

Simcenter Testxpress

Use our sound and vibration analyzer to assess productivity and efficiency without sacrificing either.

Qsources Simcenter

Determine the driving points as well as the structural and vibro-acoustic frequency response functions.

Simcenter Soundbrush
Simcenter T3STER Model
Simcenter Powertester

Soundbrush Simcenter

By integrating 3D sound intensity with visualisation of the sound sources, you can see what you hear in true 3D.

T3STER Simcenter

Thermally assess electronics components and thermal interface material (TIM) characteristics, as well as entire electronic systems, in situ utilising precise and efficient in-situ testing.

Powertester Simcenter

Combine active power cycling with transient thermal characterisation and thermal structure analysis for the first time.

Simcenter TERALED Module
Simcenter DYNTIM Module

TERALED Simcenter

Using an integrated thermal, photometric, and radiometric testing station, accurately characterise the thermal characteristics of LEDs.

DYNTIM Simcenter

Reduce parasitic heat loss by implementing the ASTM D5470 standard, which is based on very precise transient measurements.

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