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Simcenter Qsources

Driving points and structural and vibro-acoustic frequency response functions are measured.

Simcenter Qsources Module

Simcenter Qsources is a comprehensive set of cutting-edge sound and vibration excitation hardware for measuring driving points, structural and vibro-acoustic frequency response functions, and more. The Simcenter Qsources hardware portfolio includes tiny electrodynamic shakers and volume velocity monopole sources.

The shakers’ particular design enables for simple access to difficult-to-reach spots, accurate shaker angle and position precision, improved repeatability and signal-to-noise ratio, and good excitation levels in the relevant frequency range of interest. As a consequence, high-quality and precise frequency response functions are produced for use as input in structural dynamics and transfer route analysis.

Simcenter Qsources excitation hardware integrates seamlessly with Simcenter SCADAS data acquisition hardware and Simcenter Testlab acquisition and analysis software, providing you with a one-of-a-kind solution that exceeds current market standards for productivity, data accuracy, and overall customer expectations.

Shakers and Acoustic Sources

Improve your noise and vibration tests by using a complete set of modern vibration testing equipment and acoustic monopole sources.

Simcenter shakers and acoustics sources

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