Simcenter Scadas Lab Model

High-channel-count lab measurements with cutting-edge precision

Simcenter SCADAS Lab offers superior data capture with continual high throughput and up to 480 input channels in a single frame. Additional frames may be readily connected to Simcenter SCADAS Lab. This form of flexibility is useful for noise and vibration laboratories since it allows you to create a multi-frame system with over 1,000 channels.

Simcenter SCADAS Lab provides channel-count-independent signal conditioning and remarkable throughput performance, making it an ideal option for high-channel-count modal testing, aviation ground vibration testing, acoustic high-speed throughput, and turbine testing. Furthermore, with lab mobility, you can link the system immediately to Simcenter SCADAS Mobile or Simcenter SCADAS Recorder for extra measures without having to create a new test configuration. You may also use a specific hardware emergency stop to turn any Simcenter SCADAS Lab system into a frontend for vibration control applications.

Laboratory Data Acquisition

Count on our rack-based laboratory data collection system for your most demanding testing workloads, which provides scalable, channel-count independent data capture as well as highly dependable, high-speed throughput performance. It is designed for a variety of applications, including high-channel-count modal surveys, aviation ground vibration testing, high-speed throughput, and turbine tests.

Simcenter Laboratory Data Acquisition
Acquisition Input Module

Multi-physics Testing

Configure your data collecting devices to meet your testing needs. Our extensive line of input modules supports a wide range of transducers and signal processing capabilities, allowing you to combine analogue and digital signals. It includes vibration, forces, strain, displacement, temperature, sound, torsion, pressure, CAN-bus, GPS, and many other physical kinds.

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