Simcenter Scadas Mobile Model

Portable data capture system for evaluating noise, vibration, and durability

Simcenter SCADAS Mobile hardware comprises a variety of systems to meet all of your mobile testing needs, ranging from lightest yet sturdy 2.5 kilograms (kg) systems with a nominal 2.5-hour battery autonomy to laptop-sized systems with up to 216 channels in a single frame. Its diminutive size means it takes up little room in or on a test item, and its fanless operation makes it perfect for acoustic measurements.

Simcenter SCADAS Mobile allows you to create a big field test configuration with numerous frames in order to increase mobile measurements to cover hundreds of input channels. All systems can operate in a true main-secondary mode, with completely synchronized data kept in a single measurement file. The distributed acquisition is accomplished by optical cabling, and numerous frames may be readily daisy-chained into a single measuring platform. Furthermore, any Simcenter SCADAS Mobile system may be extended to serve as a frontend for vibration-control applications or for certification testing of individual components under operating loads.

Mobile Data Acquisition

Count on our small, multi-channel data collecting equipment, built for a wide range of multi-physics applications, for your field and laboratory testing activities. It combines toughness, dependability, and acquisition power in a portable and durable form. Combine numerous mobile data gathering devices or connect them to one of our laboratory systems to increase channel count on demand.

Simcenter Mobile Data Acquisition
Acquisition Input Module

Multi-physics Testing

Configure your data collecting devices to meet your testing needs. Our extensive line of input modules supports a wide range of transducers and signal processing capabilities, allowing you to combine analogue and digital signals. It includes vibration, forces, strain, displacement, temperature, sound, torsion, pressure, CAN-bus, GPS, and many other physical kinds.

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