Simcenter SCADAS Recorder

Combine acquisition with real-time analysis on a scale that works for you.

Simcenter SCADAS Recorder combines the capabilities of an autonomous recorder with a full-fledged frontend system, allowing for up to 216 channels to be recorded in a single frame. You may rapidly check data while measuring it with a tablet, which helps you to improve the quality of the recorded data by integrating acquisition with fast analysis and avoiding mistakes and inconvenient repetitions. You may observe and monitor data in real time and alter settings in the field with this cutting-edge remote control system.

The Simcenter SCADAS Recorder may be operated in frontend mode, controlled by a PC or laptop, and parallel stream data to the PC and/or a flash memory mass storage device through an integrated local area network (LAN) interface. This method allows you to see the data as it is processed and stored in real time. The system’s wide range of channel combinations and adaptability allow you to make a scalable investment that meets your demands.

Autonomous Data Recorder

Field testing frequently necessitates the use of a mobile data gathering equipment that collects data without the need of a PC. Use our intelligent recorder autonomously, as a smart device controlled by a wireless tablet, or linked to a PC for in-field and laboratory applications, depending on your testing requirements.

Autonomous Data Recorder
Acquisition Input Module

Multi-physics Testing

Configure your data collecting devices to meet your testing needs. Our extensive line of input modules supports a wide range of transducers and signal processing capabilities, allowing you to combine analogue and digital signals. It includes vibration, forces, strain, displacement, temperature, sound, torsion, pressure, CAN-bus, GPS, and many other physical kinds.

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