Simcenter SCADAS RS Model

Simcenter SCADAS RS aids in the collection of precise multi-physics measurements in challenging situations. Simcenter SCADAS RS’s tough construction protects against dust, water, vibration, and shock and ensures dependable operation. Accurate multi-physics measurements are delivered through a wide range of precise, performant, and scalable conditioning. Smart on-board processing makes judgments on the go and automatically eliminates massive volumes of raw data. It enables centralized, distributed, or hybrid topologies scalable from small to big channel count to best match your device under test. A web-based application is provided for limitless connection, which streamlines data collecting and allows you to securely access it from anywhere, on mobile, tablet, or desktop.

You will complete your test campaigns faster and more cost-effectively because of its durable construction, exceptional flexibility, excellent performance, and unrivaled connection.

Simcenter SCADAS RS is suitable for a wide range of test requirements and applications. Read more below.

Road Load Data Acquisition

Count on a large volume of high-quality data. Load data obtained on proving grounds or public roadways must be precise and realistic in order to validate and verify both virtual and physical products. To speed the supply of high-quality data, our end-to-end road load data gathering system incorporates test instrumentation, setup, acquisition, validation, and reporting.

Simcenter Road Load Data Acquisition
Simcenter Rugged Data Acquisition

Rugged Data Acquisition

In severe conditions, testing should be speedier and less expensive. Real-world load data acquired on agricultural, construction, and mining equipment is critical for validating and verifying both virtual and physical machine performance. Our tough data acquisition system can perform precise multi-physics measurements at any time and from any location.

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