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Simcenter SCAPTOR

Reliably record and make sense of automated driving data.

Scaptor Simcenter

Simcenter SCAPTOR is a fully integrated solution for recording, parsing, searching, and making sense of vast volumes of automated driving data generated by both autonomous vehicles and sophisticated driver support systems (ADAS).

Simcenter SCAPTOR uses an in-vehicle high-speed recorder to gather authentic, uncompressed sensor data. Simcenter SCAPTOR also contains software to assist you in accessing, searching, and retrieving appropriate and relevant data for any scenario and at any time. For each scene, advanced automated annotation assists you in creating an organized dynamic and static environment.

You may assure that the data adheres to statutory and privacy requirements by using cutting-edge anonymization that maintains face expressions (such as GDPR). Simcenter SCAPTOR uses configurable safety analytics to let you measure performance in any relevant circumstance. Key measurements are easily accessible and are based on internationally recognized best practices.

Simcenter SCAPTOR adds value to your data in this way.

Automated Driving Data Collection

With a high-speed in-vehicle data collecting system, you can accelerate the development of multi-sensor autonomous driving applications.

Simcenter ADDC

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