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Simcenter T3STER

Determine the thermal characteristics of the components.

Simcenter T3STER Model

Simcenter T3STER is a high-performance non-destructive transient thermal tester for packaged semiconductor devices (diodes, BJTs, power MOSFETs, IGBTs, power LEDs) and multi-die devices. It more accurately assesses the genuine thermal transient response than steady-state approaches. Measurements are accurate to 0.01° C with a temporal resolution of up to 1 microsecond. The response is post-processed by structure functions into a figure that depicts the thermal resistance and capacitance of package features along the heat flow channel. Simcenter T3STER is an excellent tool for detecting pre- and post-stress failures. The data may be sent for thermal model calibration, ensuring that the thermal design effort is accurate.

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